Could Making Women Squirt Be As EASY As Shown In This Video?

how to make a woman squirt


How To Make A Girl Squirt


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If you’d like to know the exact spot to touch any woman, and give her a rip-roaring, Niagra-Falls like squirting orgasm, within just seconds of trying it, even if nothing’s ever worked for you in the past, and create untamed sexual devotion in any woman you sleep with, then this amazing FREE video tutorial by Gabrielle Moore is exactly what you need to watch

You see, Gabby or the “Squirt QUEEN” – like her peers like to call her, is a world renowned sex specialist with great understanding of sex and intimate issues like squirting.

She only speaks from first hand experience and personally offers video tutorials that clearly demonstrates to you her tried and proven methods of how to make any woman squirt and give her the wildest, most satisfying sexual experience ever.

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How To Make Women Squirt

NB: Be warned that the squirting orgasm shortcuts shown in the video above are meant for the special lady in your life. Because pleasing a woman this way creates a strong unbreakable intimacy bond between you two, so it’s UNFAIR to do it with someone you don’t love.

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In addition to the simple technique revealed in this video, here are the 7 steps of how to give a woman a squirting orgasm.



How To Make Her Squirt


How To Make Women Squirt



How To Make Women Squirt



Tip 1: The first step is an exciting sexual exploration

A hot and steamy foreplay is the first step towards making a girl squirt, and having a memorable intercourse with your girlfriend or wife

So try to make it special and unique. Start by giving gentle bites on her ears and then slowly advance towards her neck.

Now you can move to her nipples by sucking them in a smooth and tender manner while lightly touching along her torso. Ensure you use your fingertips.

Continue to touch her for some time before taking your fingertips to her inner thighs. Move the intimate exploration to the next step but make sure she is prepared for it. You can know this by letting her guide you.


Tip 2: Licking in a more pleasurable way


Slide your tongue gently along her clitoris as well as along her vaginal borders. Move your tongue upwards and downwards repeatedly and slowly.

Just like any other erotic act, you will want to attain the best results, which in this case, is giving her a squirting orgasm. So using the broader part of the tongue will go a long way in making the licking as more pleasurable for her as possible.


Tip 3: Touching the vaginal lips


Now slowly move your tongue along her vaginal lips (labia minora). You can make this more pleasurable by sliding your tongue along these lips together with momentary sucking in between.



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Tip 4: Suck on her clitoris


The climax of every licking adventure involves sucking on the clitoris. While sucking on her clitoris, move the tongue in different directions. Combine the power of the tongue and fingers to make the best out of these two worlds.

Keep your hands busy by gently caressing her breasts and giving gentle touches on her nipples and on other sensitive parts of her body with your fingertips.


Tip 5: Curl your tongue into her


Another tip that can drive her into climax is to curl your tongue and gently insert it into her vagina. First timers may find this step a bit tricky, but with regular practice, you can use it to send her into sensual ecstasy.


Tip 6: Finding the G-spot


Jason Julius
With the palm facing up, insert your two fingers into her. Use them to find her G-spot.

Many people do not know this but G-spot is a humpy flesh inside the vagina, about 1-2 inches in size.

Gently touch and add light pressure on this flesh with your fingertips.

As you stimulate the G-spot, it will swell up and become more rigid.

This is an indication that your efforts to making a woman squirt are paying off.


Tip 7: Finally let her go


Provided you perform all of the aforementioned steps properly, she is likely to reach the climax of sexual intimacy and start experiencing ejaculation.

Before ejaculating, she may experience a burning urge to urinate.

This is normal and so encourage her to let go. Make her feel at ease because this will make the intimate encounter more special and exciting.

Once you know how to satisfy your woman, you will set her free, making her squirt and help her be the wildest sexual creature she has always dreamt of being.

Moreover, she will begin to love and appreciate you more and more.

Life is too short to continue denying your women some good sex.

Mastering how to give a girl a squirting orgasm takes your sex life to another level and satisfys her beyond her wildest dreams.

If you do this, she will be begging for more sex from you everyday, just make sure you ready for this.

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how to make women squirt

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How To Make Her Squirt



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